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About Bizness Impact

Bizness Impact is a young black lady development revolutionary concept that will provide an e-commerce website and social media marketing platform to help build businesses, promoting products and services for South Africa only.

Bizness Impact can help you build your business, growing your brand awareness, promoting your products and services by using:

  • 1. Facebook advertisement
  • 2. Instagram advertisement
  • 3. Twitter advertisement

We can make this highly effective towards achieving your desire result or target for your business. In addition, Bizness Impact has a great potential to promote your business by retargeting social media sites and many other touchpoints that emerges for consumer contact.

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow every small business, promoting products and services for South African.

Our Mission

We are on the e-commerce website platform and social media to raise awareness of your products/services and drive traffic to your products and service pages, which will increase sales of your new products and connecting you to big customers.

Our Strategies

Our strategy is that we are going to make our web and social media platform to be known all over South Africa by implementing and investing in web and social media trafficking.



We are ready to received call or whatsapp


Bizness Impact tend to have

An Open Mind

We believe that change and new ideas are exciting, not threatening.

A Proactive Attitude

We’re willing and ready to roll up our sleeves and take responsibility.


As colleagues, we take care of each other and our work.


We figure out solutions on our own and take charge of carrying them out.

An Adaptive Mindset:

We shift our processes, perspectives, and working styles along with the environment.


We feel driven by being part of the mission. Sound like a fit?