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About Bizness Impact

Bizness Impact is a development revolutionary concept that will provide a web-based trading platform and social media marketing through Facebook, Instagram and twitter handles for South African and other Africa nations.

Our skills and efforts will be harnessed together toward achieving success for your business by providing:

  • 1. Online business trading platform
  • 2. Social media marketing through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

We can make this highly effective towards achieving your desire result or target for your business. In addition, Bizness Impact has a great potential to promote your business by retargeting social media sites and many other touchpoints that emerges for consumer contact.

Our Vision

To make our investors assured in their future choosen career and make their lives more stable and safe.

Our Mission

We aspire to be the difference in helping talented leaders transform potential sigificant, we are customer-focused group that deliver's superb services, lasting and measurable value and returns for our investors, partners and owners, long-term perspective, discipline approach and alignment with our clients by providing investment strategies that deliver lasting value through a shared commitment to our instrinsic value-based investment philosophy.